Tandem Now - Mentorship Programme for Young People

Exchange House is working as part of a team on a project entitled; TANDEM NOW.

This project is funded by the European Commission and is supporting Travellers in Ireland and migrants in partner countries. It focuses on training mentors and the setting up of a mentoring programme with the use of I.T for one to one and online meetings. 

The mentoring programme will give young Travellers the opportunity to get information, advice, and personal support from someone working in their chosen career. It will also help them build their networking skills, online skills, their communications skills and their ability to work with professionals in their chosen career. Partner countries include Austria, Spain, Turkey, Germany, and Italy. Each country has been given a different role in the project in order to ensure it covers all necessary aspects. Exchange House has been given the role of project monitoring and evaluation. This means that we at Exchange House will evaluate each meeting that takes place during the project. Exchange House will also write a report based on the feedback given from each partner on from the meeting. This report will outline the duties of each partner, their role in the project, the agenda of the meeting, time structure, and coordination of the project.  These will all relate directly to each partners satisfaction with outlined and other areas in which the project may be improved.

Exchange House have also designed an evaluation tool to assess the success and need for improvement after the mentor training takes place and for both mentors and mentees during their mentoring sessions to ensure all involved are pleased with the progress that is being made. Another valuable element of the project monitoring and evaluation is the yearly report which must be completed after year one in the project. This will provide a detailed account for the European Commission and all interested bodies on the progress of the project.

We will continue to provide updates and information throughout the project on our website and through the E-Zine articles.  If you would like further information or would like to become involved in the programme please contact Dearbháil or Emma on (01) 8721094.  

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