Happy Retirement Patsy - Exchange House looses valued member of the education team

Exchange House has been open and providing front line services to members of the Traveller community for over thirty years.

The Education Service as part of that support has provided both male and female learners across a variety of ages an opportunity to avail of education, training, career guidance, literacy and numeracy support. It has developed from small tutoring sessions into a service that has two part-time programmes with learners undertaking major and minor awards from pre-literacy to level four. Learners are studying a broad range of subjects including Communications, Youth Work, Application of Numbers, Career Preparation, and Computer Literacy. Progression for learners has included further training, third level, and employment.

Patsy Kane has been a valued part of this development and as a member of the education team in Exchange House for over fourteen years. Patsy has taught learners on both the Community Employment and Local Training Initiative schemes, given one on one tutoring, and provided support to any learner that needed her guidance. She has been an incredibly cherished and respected member of the team and learners have always spoken highly of her. However, learners and staff had to say their farewells to Patsy this month as she took that joyful step into retirement.

The Education Service organised a little celebration for Patsy in honour of all her hard work and dedication to the learners and the organisation. She was greeted with both smiles and tears as people said their goodbyes. Patsy was overwhelmed with emotion as she accepted a gift organised by learners and staff and thanked them for their friendship and kindness throughout the years. Cathleen Mc Donagh Clarke; Education Services Manager, said Patsy will be sadly missed and we wish her all the best and a very happy retirement.

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