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This training explores Traveller culture and social issues affecting the community. This training is ideal for individuals, institutions and organisations that work with, or provide services to, members of the Traveller community.


To provide participants an insight into the Traveller community, which will lead to a greater understanding of the issues that affect the lives of Travellers, and to challenge misconceptions.


  • Aspects of Traveller culture
  • Accommodation
  • Health
  • Education
  • Prejudice & discrimination
  • Positive outlook


  • Understanding of the Traveller community
  • Awareness of issues affecting the Traveller community
  • Skills to provide a culturally appropriate service to members of the Traveller community


Half-day or a full-day depending on the needs of participants



  • Community & voluntary groups € 50 per participant
  • FÁS project participants, statutory sector € 60 per participant


  • Community & voluntary groups € 70 per participant
  • FÁS project participants, statutory sector € 80 per participant

Group rates are available on request.

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