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The programme is ideal for parents who want to maximise their children’s learning, language and social development as well as reducing behaviour problems while ensuring their children grow up happy and emotionally secure. 


To support and empower parents to manage and solve discipline problems, to create satisfying and enjoyable family relations and to help children and young people grow up and reach their full potential


 There are currently three versions of the programme:

  • The Early Years Programme (for parents of children aged 1 – 6)
  • The Children’s Programme (for parents for children aged 5 – 10)
  • The Adolescent’s Programme (for parents of young people aged 11 – 16)

Each version has the following content:

  • Carefully selected video scenes of parent child interactions to illustrate well researched ideas about positive communication and behaviour management
  • Group discussion
  • practice exercises


  • Identify parents' strengths
  • Build on parents' strengths


Each programme is run over 8 weeks, each session lasting 2 hours


These programmes are provided free to parents.

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