Continued Success in Certification

Exchange House National Traveller s Service has seen another successful month of Certification. Nine CE (Community Employment) learners have just received excellent results in their Fetac Level 3 Information Technology module.

The leaners have worked hard over the last number of months to get the module complete for the upcoming Fetac round of certification. The module contained numerous I.T assignments. All assignments are then incorporated into a portfolio based assessment. On completing the module all the learners felt a great sense of achievement. One learner noted the “sense of accomplishment on completion of another module was a great feeling” and to know that they were another step closer to completing their Major Award.

The LTI (Local Training Initiative) learners are coming to the end of this year’s training. The training is to finish up on June 28th and will restart on August 6th. The learners are continuing to work hard to complete the last of their portfolios. So far the learners have achieved two complete modules and are near the end of completing the remainder. They are all looking forward to a couple of weeks off after their hard work. One learner said that “she is happy about the upcoming break as she has been working really hard but she also looking forward to returning to continue her education”.

Throughout both programmes the class levels have been divers with a range of literacy skills. The sheer determination by the students has allowed them to pass many milestones in their education at Exchange House. It was noted that the attendance rates in the Education Service were above average for training centres and this has been a key role in the student’s successes. In turn to celebrate all the hard work done by both LTI and CE learners throughout the academic year, the In House awards will be held at Exchange House. This will include celebrations of all the learner’s achievements and successes throughout the academic year.

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