About Us

Exchange House Ireland National Travellers Service is an organisation of Traveller and non-Travellers and leading provider of front line and support services to some of the most marginalised Travellers in Ireland since 1980.

We are a multi-disciplinary frontline service provider offering Education and Training Services, Children and Young People Services, Family Support and Crisis Intervention Services, Addiction Services and the National Traveller Mental Health Service. We also deliver partnership services through training, provision of expertise and dual working with other organisations providing services to Travellers in Ireland. Our aim is to break down barriers and discrimination in order to facilitate Travellers to access the range of services they need in an equitable way. Exchange House Ireland has been providing a professional standard of practice that has been shown to produce good results with our client group for 40 years.

Exchange House Ireland utilises a distinctive multi-disciplinary approach. Clients are facilitated to address their individual situation and needs under one roof where possible and link them into additional services when this is beneficial. We work with a service user group who often face multiple social issues and barriers and have a skilled staff team throughout the organisation who can work with members of the Traveller community to instigate positive outcomes.


Family Support and Crisis Intervention Service

The Family Support and Crisis Intervention Service is made up of a team of social workers, family support workers and addiction workers. The Family Support Service provides a range of services which include family support, social work and addiction outreach to members of the Traveller community.


Education and Training Service

The Education and Training Service provides high quality education programmes which respect and build on existing strengths and skills of participants, providing opportunities for learning and progression. The service provides opportunities for youth and adults in basic literacy, further education/training and support in accessing third level education, training and employment.


Children and Young People's Service

The Children and Young People's Service is the main provider of youth service to the Traveller community in the greater Dublin area. Exchange House enables young Travellers to participate in youth work activities thus enhancing their personal and community development skills, enabling them to take greater control of their lives.


National Traveller Mental Health Service

The National Traveller Mental Health Service is a Traveller specific mental health and suicide prevention service. We provide these services to Travellers to improve mental health and overall wellbeing and reduce suicide. We deliver mental health supports and suicide prevention by engaging and consulting with Travellers and others to provide education, training, individual support and group work to the community.


Research & Policy

Exchange House Ireland identifies gaps in current provision and makes recommendations as to future interventions. Research activities inform service provision, reporting and advocacy, education and dissemination of information to providers and relevant agencies. Exchange House Ireland National Traveller Service has expanded to provide a national service through training, provision of expertise and partnerships with other organisations providing services to Travellers in Ireland.

Research documents available here


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