Exchange House Ireland visits EU Commission for Sports Information Day

Exchange House Ireland has a history of working on European projects dating back to 2002.

We have worked in collaboration with partners from across a range of countries including; Austria, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Greece, Germany, and Spain.  Our first project was entitled; The Horseman Project which was designed to meet the needs of Traveller, Gypsy and Roma young people in the area of vocational training. The projects we have worked on mainly focus on the areas of social inclusion, equality, youth, education, the prevention of racism and discrimination, the prevention and combating of domestic violence, and supporting the needs of those from ethnic minorities and marginalised groups. In Ireland, as a Traveller specific service provider we have been supporting those from the Traveller community while our partners have focused on migrants in their respective countries. On Wednesday, February 11th Dearbháil Lawless and Kevin Burn from Exchange House Ireland visited the EU Commission Sports Information Day to identify further options for projects.

The Sports Information Day was held in the Charlemagne Building Rue de la Loi, Brussels. Speakers included Brian Holmes; Director of Education, Audiovisual and Culture from the Executive Agency. Mr Holmes outlined the specific aims of the Erasmus + programme and the need for applicants to address the EU’s priorities and politics. Xavier Prats Monne; Director General for Education and Culture from the European Commission and Luciano di Fonzo who is the Head of the Sports Sector, Education and Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency. Throughout the day attendees were encouraged to ask questions, to network and find potential partnerships, and to think about the impact their project could make. It was also announced that this coming September would see the first annual Sports Week which is aimed at providing an umbrella for local, national and regional sports events across the EU. This celebration will raise awareness of the current work being done in the area of sports and highlight the different outcomes that sports can have, including; health enhancement, social inclusion, and increased physical activity.

Dearbháil said the day was both informative and encouraging. She stated that the organisations in attendance were from across a range of sectors and included those at both a local and national level.  For more information from the Erasmus + programme and updates from the event itself please follow #sportsinfoday on twitter and check out the website

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