Connected Rainbow LGBT+ Traveller workshop

Connected Rainbow LGBT+ Traveller Workshop

Connected Rainbow LGBT+ Traveller workshop is set to provide professionals who work with the Traveller and/or LGBT+ community with a greater awareness and understanding of the needs of LGBT Travellers and a means of incorporating a more authentic and progressive inclusion into their practices and avenues of community development.

The workshop will give a brief introduction to Traveller culture, an insight into the current LGBT+ experiences and understandings within the Traveller community, the ongoing needs and challenges of LGBT+ Travellers and provide support, knowledge and access points to services in the aspiration of facilitating better support LGBT+ Travellers.

The workshop will be facilitated by LGBT Pavee - a LGBT+ Traveller members group and Exchange House Ireland. This workshop is delivered through the Connected Rainbow project and funded by the Community Foundation of Ireland. 

For more information on LGBT Pavee please visit their website at



Tuesday, 10 May 2016 from 10:00 to 16:00 (IST) -


Exchange House Ireland National Travellers Service,

61 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1, Ireland. 

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