EU Project TACTICS - LifeLong Games Pilots

TACTICS presents 14 new ideas for “playful ageing”. TACTICS is a European project supported by the Grundtvig Programme for adult learning. TACTICS intends to support carers offering services to seniors and elderly Travellers in Ireland.

14 games have been developed by the partners who incorporated ideas from elderly people across Europe. Exchange House will pilot 5 of the games. These games include:

Share My Story 1 – letters and pictures ask players to tell the other fellow players a short story from their life.

Famous Faces – the title says it all: famous face from EU history have to be brought in line with historic events.

Hopskotch – a well known “best of” in a new design.

Kalaha – strategy and brain-work combined in a stimulating way for seniors.

The Surprise Game – a box full of unexpected objects challenging the heart and the brain.

These games will act as a tool to reducing social isolation. The reduction of social isolation requires resources, commitment and creativity; Exchange House’s participation in TACTIC’s brings all of these requirements for the engagement and social support of older Travellers. In the coming months Exchange House will pilot a course for voluntary Traveller carers of Traveller elderly people.

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