Tandem Now Mentor/Mentee programme kicks off

11 mentors took part in a 2 day training programme for Tandem Now, an EU project in which Exchange House national Traveller Service is involved.

This training was to inform the mentors about the project and what is expected of them as mentors.

The aim of Tandem Now is to provide a mentorship programme for young people, providing them with training, support, information, and guidance on their chosen career path.The training was opened with an ice breaker and each mentor giving a quick introduction on themselves and their experiences. The next step was to discuss with the mentors how to build professional/working relationships with their mentees. Advice and tips were given on how to protect themselves within the mentor-mentee relationship.

As part of the mentoring programme mentors and mentees are ask to meet online through tools like Gmail and Skype. The mentors and mentees are trained in this area if needed. The mentors were advised on the necessary steps on been a mentor and were also trained on any documentation that need to be completed. Deadline were set and points of contact should issues arise.

Overall the training was successful and each mentor left the training with the knowledge of what had to be done.All mentors are to be assigned, mentees in the coming days.

For further information on Tandem Now visit or alternatively call Dearbháil or Emma on +353 1 872 1094

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