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It's the Traveller men, women and young people who come across that door, who make use of this fantastic chance and put it to use in their lives, making themselves stronger and making their communities stronger. They are the people we really have to thank.
Mary McAleese, President of Ireland (2007)

Services offered by Exchange House

Exchange House National Travellers Service is the largest Traveller specific front line service provider in the country. Here is a comprehensive list of all the various services we offer to the Traveller community and other service providers nationwide.

The list is broken down by our three departments and the training courses we offer.

Family Support Services

  • Family Support
    • Social Work
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Prisoner Support
    • One to One Counselling
    • Advocacy & Facilitation of Access to Other Services Nationally
    • Parent Plus Programme
    • Housing & Accommodation Advice and Support
  • Addiction service:
    • Individual Counselling
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Referral to Appropriate Services
    • Prison Work
    • Harm Reduction
    • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
  • Out of Homelessness Project
  • Domestic Violence Support
  • Research & Development

Education Service

  • FÁS Local Training Initiative
  • FÁS Community Employment
  • National Education Achievement Award
  • Adult Basic Education
    • FETAC Levels 1 –5
  • Develop Learner-Centred Education Modules
  • Third Level Support
  • Career and Further Education Planning
  • EU Projects
    • New Pathways to Learning for Adults
    • Senior Citizen Learning

Youth Service

  • Stay-In-School Programme
    • Work with Individual Young People
    • Work with Families & Teachers
  • After-School Projects
    • Providing quiet space for Homework
    • Assistance in completing Homework
    • Engaging Parents in children’s Education
    • Library
    • Computers
  • Education Away Programme
  • On-Site Youth Services
    • Anti-Bullying Training
    • Personal Effectiveness Training
    • Leadership Training
    • Dance, Music & Drama
    • Computers
    • Arts & Craft
    • Cookery
  • Outreach Services
    • Youth Arts
    • Outdoor Pursuits
    • Sports
    • Addiction Awareness
    • Social & Political Education
  • Comhairle na nÓg
  • Dáil na nÓg
  • Detached Youth Work
  • Summer Projects

Training Courses

  • Introduction to the Traveller Community
  • Anti-Discrimination Workshops
  • Best Practice in Traveller Youth Work
  • Domestic Violence Training
  • Parenting Programmes
  • Best Practice in working with Travellers with Addiction
  • Best Practice in Service Provision to Travellers



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National Travellers Service

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