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Lifelong Games

TacticsIn October 2011 Verein Multikulturell started the international project "TACTICS – Lifelong Games“ together with partner organisations from Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey.

The project is under the EU's Education and Culture Lifelong Learning Programme GRUNDTVIG. 342 proposals were submitted for this programme and TACTICS was successful in its application. The programme focuses on games, remembered from their childhood, by elderly people, especially migrants and members of ethnic minorities. This group of people will share their knowledge for the collection of a gamebox for seniors. After national and cultural adaptations, the games will be tested in all partner countries – with the help of the target group.

Due to demographic changes, 40 percent of all European citizens are now 55 years of age and older. In 2020, it is expected that about 60 percent of all European citizens will be 55 years and older. Thanks to medical progress, most seniors enjoy a longer, healthy and active life. But a considerable number of people in this age group are faced with various illnesses and disabilities. Most of them are cared for at home, with the majority being cared for by a family member or other volunteers who themselves are 50 years and older themselves.

These Carers who look after their relatives need support to handle the daily challenges they face, such as space for their own recreation and free time to manage their own necessary duties. Games support intergenerational learning, especially in the family circle, and make visits from friends and volunteers much more enjoyable and offer the necessary space for the Carers – TACTICS offers enjoyable solutions for the care of the elderly in Europe.

In addition, by offering games with low language requirements, TACTICS helps elderly people to establish new contacts, and for the family this means an additional stimulus for intergenerational communication. In care facilities, communication is enhanced between the different cultures, the residents and the visiting volunteers and the danger of social isolation is reduced.

The culture of game playing in Europe functions as a low-threshold access to Life-Long-Learning. Skills, both existing and those acquired informally, are further developed by game playing.

Collecting those games remembered from childhood, within various cultures and their cultural background, TACTICS contributes to the preservation and development of an historic treasure from different parts of Europe.

The training of Carers, within the frame of TACTICS, empowers them care for their elderly ward for a longer period of time by reducing the risk of burnout.

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Download a copy of our TACTICS leaflet

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Images of the partners' meeting in Bilbao, Spain

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Images of the partners' meeting in Vilnus, Lithuania

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Images of the partners' meeting in Samsun, Turkey

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Images of the partners' meeting in Innsbruck, Austria

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A Lifelong Learning Programme

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