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Family Support and Crisis Intervention Service

My partner is not a Traveller, will you provide support only to me and exclude him/her?

No, both of you will be supported by the Family Support and Crisis Intervention Team.


Who can refer clients to the Family Support and Crisis Intervention Service Service?

Referrals are received from anybody including self referrals.


How long does a client have to wait before being seen?

After a referral is received the client will be seen within 48 hours.


Does a client have to come to Exchange House every time they need to see someone?

Family Support Service provides an Outreach service and a client will be seen in a location of choice.


Can I refer someone to your service to be supported whilst they are in prison?

Yes. Our Family Support and Crisis Intervention Service holds a weekly clinic at the Dochas Women’s Prison every Friday. Exchange House Ireland is engaged in providing services to Travellers in both men and women’s prisons i.e. Mountjoy, Dochas, Wheatfield, Cloverhill, Portlaoise, Midlands and St Patrick’s Juvenile prison.


Can non-Travellers attend AA meetings?

Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings are open to non-Travellers as well.





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